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Yanibes Consulting is a boutique PR, communications
and business consulting firm 


It is all about YOU 

The story YOU want to tell,

the communities YOU want to reach,

the message YOU want to get across,

the goal(s) YOU want to achieve.

Yanibes Consulting listens, assesses, advises, adjusts and delivers.

Yanibes' raison d'être is to provide people and organizations who look our way with the best of our collective expertise in PR, Communication, Marketing and Business Management.

Yanibes believes in quality delivery, smart execution, intelligent project management, constructive assessment, excellence in action, intensive collaboration and active listening. 

Yanibes values: 

  • Honesty 

  • Resilience 

  • Innovation 

  • Resourcefulness 



Yanibes Consulting services are tailored to meet your objectives and expectations  

We offer:

Digital PR

  • Online/Mobile Promotion

  • Social Media Management

  • Website design 

Traditional PR

  • Event conceptualization

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Speakerships opportunities

  • Press & Media management  


Content Management

  • Press release & other communication content

  • Social media content

  • Web design and content 

  • Marketing content


Business Consulting

  • Business plan creation support 

  • Business partnership support 

  • Technology partnership support 

  • Marketing, communication & business development strategies



  •  TV and other format concept creation 



Yanibes Consulting works with people and entities from all walks of life. We consult with organizations across sectors and all over the globe.   

We find points of convergence and we go from there.


  • Startups

  • SMEs


  • Seasoned experts

  • Project holders / sole traders 



  • AI entities 




Yanibes Consulting understands lean processes while dealing with complex operations.  

Here is how we work:

Step 1 - From your idea

We create a tangible vision and build an executable strategy

Our added value: we listen, listen, listen  



Step 2 - Concept to planning

We review options, resources, feasibility and viability

Our added value: 360 degrees perspective


Step 3 - Strategy to execution

We believe in working smart to achieve more than one goal

Our added value: innovative and pragmatic


Step 4 - Innovative trends

We embrace technological transformations and social innovation

Our added value: innovation is inherent to our thinking

Our cultural competency is inherent to the way we address your needs.

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