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The Yanibes Mentorship Program is an international initiative that offers young entrepreneurs, employees and business owners with limited resources the opportunity to receive top-of-the-range mentoring delivered by seasoned professionals and high profile leaders. 


Nurture to Mature

With its culturally sensitive approach, the Yanibes Mentorship Program aims to create a unique study environment that provides Mentees with practical tips applicable to real-life situations and that ultimately help them improve their professional performance or achieve well-defined business goals.


Learn to Grow

The Yanibes Mentorship Program covers a wide array of topics ranging from business strategy to leadership via social entrepreneurship and includes Mentors' specific expertise. For an hour a week and through popular video-conferencing platforms, Mentors share their knowledge and adapt their teachings to meet the needs of the Mentees.


Free to Contribute

Yanibes Mentorship Program is free and lasts 3 or 6 months. To gain access to the mentorship, Mentees make a contribution of approximately 20 Euros or the equivalent in their local currency to a charity associated with the Yanibes Mentorship Program in their home country.

Subjects (non exhaustive list)

  • Marketing 

  • Branding 

  • Communication 

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Project Management 

  • Proposal Writing 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Critical Thinking 

  • Time Management 

  • Personal Branding 

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Social Entrepreneurship 

  • Business Creation (from ideation to execution) 

  • Digital Media Management 

  • Product Development 

  • Content Creation

  • Leadership 

  • Public Relations  

  • Media Management 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Business Development 

  • Business Strategy 

  • Basic Graphic Design (Website + Brochure) 

How Does The Program Work?

After identifying the subject matter you want to be mentored in and after your initial pre-mentorship program screening, you receive a 3 month or 6 month program, you receive a detailed training schedule with weekly lessons of 1 to 2 hours each including exercises.

The weekly lessons are conducted by phone and in case of change of schedule, you just inform the mentor 2 days in advance to reschedule the hourly lesson. 

The weekly lessons may be conducted by phone or a compatible platform based on preference and regional accessibility.


At the end of the program, the mentee receives a digital certificate from Yanibes.

What are the Steps? 

Step 1: Register through the form here  

Step 2: Receive a confirmation by Yanibes 

Step 3: Make your contribution to the approved charity and send proof of payment

Step 4: Receive your Mentorship Schedule with the name of your Mentor 

Step 5: Attend the first conversation with your Mentor using Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype

Step 6: Attend your weekly conversation for 3 or 6 months 

Step 7: Complete the Mentorship Program and receive your digital certificate  

To Whom is the Mentorship Available?

The Mentorship Program is available to: 

  • young entrepreneurs

  • people formally employed 

  • business owners

who are in need of practical business insights but with limited means and access.

How Do I become a Mentee?

To join the Mentorship Program, just fill-in the form here and you should receive a feedback within 24 to 48 hours. 


How Much Does it Cost? 

The Mentorship Program is free. The registration fee is 20 euros. The registration fee is paid directly - as a contribution - to a local charity/NGO in the country of origin of the Mentee. Please check the partner charities list here to see which charities to go to in your country.


How Do I Become a Mentor? 

To become a Mentor, just fill-in the designated form here. You should receive a confirmation within 24 to 48 hours. 



Frequently asked questions

Question 1. On which platforms the program is run?

Answer       Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype. 

Question 2.  Other than the 20 Euros, are there any other charges the trainees should prepare for?

Answer.       Nothing else. 

Question 3. Are you able to offer internships to the Mentees to apply what they have learned?

Answer.      The Mentorship Program does not provide placement or internship. The Mentors, at their discretion, can recommend companies or individuals within their network where the mentees can apply.

Question 4. How long have you been in operation?

Answer.       Two quarters.  

Question 5. Are there former trainees who I can contact to know the firm more from beneficiaries’ perspective?

Answer.      Yes. See testimonial below. 

Question 6. How marketable are your certificates for entrepreneurs, employees or business owners?

Answer.       Testimonials from Mentees will gradually prove the certificates' worth and value.   

Question 7. What’s the minimum entry qualification for a Mentee?

Answer.     There are no qualifications required, just the willingness to learn. 

Question 8. Are Mentors paid? 

Answer.      No. They have agreed to give some of their time and share their experience and expertise.

Question 9. Where can I make the registration payment? 

Answer.       Payments for registration are made to a local charity partner. Make your payment, send your confirmation. 

The Mentors 

Prudence Kolong
France - Sweden 
Subjects: Marketing, Social Media, Communication, Business, Branding   
Languages: FR, EN 
Time zone: GMT +2
  • LinkedIn
Leonardo Ocampo
Mexico - The Netherlands 
Subjects: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking Communication, Business  
Languages: EN, ES
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • LinkedIn
Steven Adams
Subjects: Media, Communication, Business  
Languages: EN, ES, FR
Time zone: GMT -8 
  • LinkedIn
Ernest White
Subjects: Media, Communication, Personal Branding, Storytelling   
Languages: EN, ES, PR
Time zone: GMT -8 
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn
Suraiya Farook
Sri Lanka - UAE 
Subjects: Social Media, Communication   
Languages: EN, ColomboL
Time zone: GMT +4 
  • LinkedIn
PY Addo-Boateng
Subjects: Media, Communication   
Languages: EN, TWI, 
Time zone: GMT -1 
Joseph Hundah
Zimbabwe - South Africa 
Subjects: Leadership, Strategy Formulation Communication    
Languages: EN, Shona
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • YouTube
Surabhi Mishra
India - Sweden 
Subjects: Communication, Business Development     
Languages: EN, HIN
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
Hilda Dokubo
Subjects: Personal Branding, Communication,  Storytelling 
Languages: EN. Igbo
Time zone: GMT +2 
Hervé "HTB" Moukoko
Cameroon - France 
Subjects: Content Development, Media     
Languages: FR, Duala
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
Alby James OBE
United Kingdom 
Subjects: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion  Storytelling 
Languages: EN
Time zone: GMT +1 
Karine Oriot
Cameroon - France 
Subjects: Presentation Skills, Media     
Languages: FR
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • LinkedIn
Zinah AdbelKareem
Subjects: Social Enterprise, Youth Empowerment     
Languages: EN, AR
Time zone: GMT +2 
Coréon Dù
Subjects: Media, Leadership     
Languages: EN, POR
Time zone: GMT +1 
Eric Kabera
Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Media     
Languages: EN, FR, Swahili
Time zone: GMT +2 
  • YouTube
Daniel Nyalusi
Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, Media    
Languages: EN, Swahili
Time zone: GMT +2 
Agnès Borms
Cameroon - France 
Subjects: Social Enterprise, Community Development     
Languages: FR
Time zone: GMT +1 
Martin Borst
Subjects: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Project Management 
Languages: EN, SWE
Time zone: GMT +1 
Eléonore Bassop
Subjects: Media, Communication, Social Activism    
Languages: FR
Time zone: GMT +1 
Angela Gordon
Subjects: Media, Project Management     
Languages: EN
Time zone: GMT -8 
Justin Morgan
Nigeria - USA 
Subjects:Entrepreneurship, Media, Project Management
Languages: EN, Igbo
Time zone: GMT -6 
Olivier Monkam
Cameroon - France 
Subjects: Human Resources, Project Management    
Languages: FR
Time zone: GMT +1
Ijeoma Onah
Subjects: Event Management, Media, Entrepreneurship    
Languages: EN, Yoruba
Time zone: GMT +1 
Lacey Tu
USA - France - Monaco 
Subjects: Partnership Development, Project Management    
Languages: EN + POR + FR
Time zone: GMT +2
Adam Morse
United Kingdom 
Subjects: Media Production, Project Management, Storytelling    
Languages: EN
Time zone: GMT +1
DeShuna Spencer
Subjects: Media Production, Social Entrepreneurship    
Languages: EN
Time zone: GMT -4
Keziah Wangui Githinji
Subjects: Media Production, Journalism, Storytelling    
Languages: EN + Swahili
Time zone: GMT +3
Mohamed Awad Farah
Subjects: Media Production, Entrepreneurship, Business Development    
Languages: EN + AR
Time zone: GMT +3
Bonheur Baboula
Congo - Angola - France 
Subjects: Business Development, Project Management, Entrepreneurship    
Languages: EN
Time zone: GMT +1
Joel Haikali
Subjects: Media Production, Entrepreneurship, Partnership Development    
Languages: EN + Oshiwambo
Time zone: GMT +2
Sophie Kabongo Haikali
Namibia - Germany 
Subjects: Media Production, Project Development     
Languages: EN + GER
Time zone: GMT +2
Ahmed Ejaz
Sri Lanka - UAE 
Subjects: Project Management, Digital Transformation     
Languages: EN + AR + Colombo
Time zone: GMT +3
Hatim Adlan
Subjects: Project Management, Human Resources     
Languages: EN + AR 
Time zone: GMT +2

Partner Charities 

Y-Peer Education Network  

Corporate Partners

BBLack TV  
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Terms & Conditions 

The Mentorship Program is open to everyone who meets the following conditions: 

  • be an entrepreneur or gainfully employed or a small business owner 

  • willingness to commit to 3 or 6 months learning program 

Radiation from the Mentorship Program occurs if: 

  • a mentee misses 2 scheduled lessons without proper explanation or notice 



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