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“Associate with people who are likely to improve you.” - Seneca 
Yanibes Consulting's network include experts, entrepreneurs and professionals of all walks of life who have something unique in common: "striving for excellence". We gathered our high profile experts from across the global in a free mentoring program that offers their professional coaching to people who have limited access and scant financial resources.

The Yanibes Mentorship Program   ​

Expand your knowledge  

Aspire to Inspire  

The Yanibes Mentorship Program is an international initiative that offers young entrepreneurs, employees and business owners with limited resources the opportunity to receive top-of-the-range mentoring delivered by seasoned professionals and high profile leaders. 


Nurture to Mature

With its culturally sensitive approach, the Yanibes Mentorship Program aims to create a unique study environment that provides Mentees with practical tips applicable to real-life situations and that ultimately help them improve their professional performance or achieve well-defined business goals.


Learn to Grow

The Yanibes Mentorship Program covers a wide array of topics ranging from business strategy to leadership via social entrepreneurship and includes Mentors' specific expertise. For an hour a week and through popular video-conferencing platforms, Mentors share their knowledge and adapt their teachings to meet the needs of the Mentees.


Free to Contribute

Yanibes Mentorship Program is free and lasts 3 or 6 months. To gain access to the mentorship, Mentees make a contribution of approximately 20 Euros or the equivalent in their local currency to a charity associated with the Yanibes Mentorship Program in their home country.

Click below to read more and register to the mentorship program in English or French. 

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