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The Virtual African Tour


The Virtual African Tour

Organized by Yanibes Consulting (Stockholm) in collaboration with Press On (NYC + LA) and the support of the pan-African Film Consortium (Lagos), The Virtual African Tour The Virtual African Tour is a zoom-based event series created to build bridges between African-American & Diaporan actors & filmmakers and Continental African media, tech and film industry.

This unique tour hopes to act as a virtual gateway to harness the power of media to form new bonds of shared creative interests and tell new stories with fresh perspective and deeper appreciation for the arts through a universal medium.

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How it works 




















  • Zoom or Streamyard

  • Conversations + Interviews

  • General promotion, distribution, collaboration or more

  • 60 to 90 minutes

  • 1 or 2 main guests (US/diapora) + cameos + special guests + moderator

  • Started on March 17, 2021 onwards


  • Free of charge

  • Email to confirm cameo or guest role + send headshot and confirm your availability

  • From 50 people up - registered and vetted 

  • Info via Yanibes Social Media + African Film Consortium Social Media + Guests' Social Media + Local Media

  • To be made a week prior to the session 

Upcoming Events

What's Next?

We are really cheeky at Yanibes Consulting... So, we let you answer that question. 


One pointer though, as they say, curiosity is good for the mind and keeps your belly full.


We are not sure from which African country/tribe that saying comes from, but we are convinced someone said it. That said, you are welcome to share your extensive knowledge of sayings and other  proverbs during our Virtual African Tour...


Just make sure that your proverbs have to do with filmmaking, media and tech and that you have your IMDb profile up-to-date, your tech (street) creds and that you are a recommended card carrying media person. Nothing more. 

On the other hand, don't be scared away if you are short on proverbs, not all of us are prolific proverb experts, so keep browsing. 


The Virtual African Tour conversations are about the business of film and how to accrue collaborations and set up in motion realistic and viable projects. And we may link you up afterwards, so there is one reason for you to keep up with the Virtual African Tour. 


See ya soon then... 

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Virtual African Tour

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